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Who we are

Gold Candle is a privately funded Canadian exploration company. In 2015, we acquired claims over the historic Kerr-Addison Mine and surrounding area in the McGarry Township, located in the Timiskaming District.  


The Company has undertaken exploration activities, including compilation and analysis of historical data, geological and geophysical studies and drilling to evaluate mineralization remaining around the historic workings and to explore for new zones of mineralization. 


Since the acquisition, Gold Candle has also been conducting remediation work to address legacy mining impacts and to make the environment safer for its employees and surrounding communities. 

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A short history of the Kerr-Addison Project

The Kerr-Addison Mine (also known as the Kerr Mine) is an inactive historic gold mine in the McGarry Township.


Gold mineralization was initially discovered in 1906, though production was intermittent and low until 1936. Historically, the Kerr‐Addison mine is Canada’s fifth largest individual gold mine and between 1938 and 1996, the Kerr‐Addison and adjoining Chesterville mines collectively produced more than 11 million ounces of gold using underground extraction methods.

Contact and feedback

We believe that strong relationships with surrounding communities and Indigenous communities and organizations are key to the success of our activities. 

A first step towards this commitment is to have a permanent contact point so you can reach out to our team and share feedback, questions, concerns or comments by email or by phone 24/7. 


You can either email us or leave a voicemail on our permanent contact point and a representative will be in touch within three business days.  

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